SJØ – The people who speak fish

Since the earliest days of the Norwegian people, the sea and living from the sea have been integral to what it means to be Norwegian. Being passionate about the sea, Norwegians have now found kinsmen in Finland: more precisely, in the city of Kuopio by the sweet shores of Lake Kallavesi. Both Norwegians and Finns are equally excited about fish; it is our common language.

A long tradition carrying into the future

Norway was populated already 9,500 years ago as people followed seals northwards. They stayed on the rugged coast because they found the location exceptional with marine creatures growing, living and thriving just off the coast at the intersection of four distinctly different currents. Cold and warm water, saltwater and freshwater mixed together there to create an environment unlike any other.

Thus, the history of Norway was born and built on the tradition of the fishing and the sea. The world’s first Minister of Fisheries was appointed in Norway and today Norway is the second largest seafood producer on the globe. Without a doubt, Norwegians know more about seafood and fishing than anybody else.

Out of respect for the sea and its creatures

People that respect the sea and its creatures seem to be born wearing scales and fins, learning fish as their first language. Since the wellbeing of the sea is the people’s wellbeing as well, respect is vital. Thus, Norwegians are passionate about marine creatures. This guarantees sustainable production and unconditional quality.

Respect and passion guarantee sustainable production and unconditional quality

Now Norwegians have found kinsmen in Finland on the sweet shores of Lake Kallavesi. Even though the Norwegians have saltwater while the Finns in Kuopio have freshwater, both are equally excited about fish. Fish is the common language of our tribes.

Common values give birth to a common way of doing things. Together, we can offer Finns an amazing selection of SJØ products along with thorough knowledge about how to show respect for the excellent raw material through proper handling and preparation.

Quality – Here’s what it means to us:

  • Production chain that ensures product safety, sustainable production and product traceability
  • Controlled and continuous cold transport and storage chain
  • Competent handling with respect for the raw material
  • Resource usage, packaging and waste management with consideration for environmental values
  • Continuous product development and consideration for feedback at all levels of activity
  • Passion