SJØ SÄLÄ – Love fish, hate waste

The SJØ spring novelties from Escamar Seafood combine healthy fish and delicious taste with responsibility and easy cooking.

What is sheer wastage for some can be delightful delicacy for others. 

SJØ Sälä bits is the Escamar Seafood way of countering food waste. The proportion of food waste in the food industry is 20% of all food wastage. Escamar utilizes the by-product flow generated by the Kuopio production by recovering the bits left over and packing them in containers to make cooking easier for domestic cooks. It is thus easy for households to join the resistance against waste simply by using SJØ Sälä bits in their favourite fish dishes.

SJØ Sälä Casserole bits and SJØ Sälä Pasta bits are cookable products intended for the preparation of food. They are very suitable for casseroles, soups, pasta dishes, pizzas or pies.

SJØ Sälä Casserole bits with Pepper & Dill 150 g consists of seasoned pieces of salmon and rainbow trout gravlax.

SJØ Sälä Pasta bits 150 g consists of pieces of cold-smoked salmon and rainbow trout.

SJØ Sälä Nibbling bits 200 g consists of pieces of smoked salmon worth trying with a dip or in a salad, pizza or pasta dish.

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