New container packaging machine introduced

A new Escamar Seafood packaging line in Kuopio is being run in at present.

A new Escamar Seafood container packaging machine was introduced on Thursday, April 16, 2020. It supplements the other packaging lines of the Kuopio production plant, enabling the manufacturing of new kinds of packages and products for the fish shelves of shops.

“The new packaging line boosts our operations and significantly improves our selection of products,” says Commercial Director Jukka Sipilä. “The new packaging machine introduced in mid-April and the novelties packaged by it will increase our selection of products and reduce the loss of production by-product flows.”

The value and scale of the investment are large in comparison with those of other investments in recent years.

“This investment is significant for the Escamar Kuopio production plant,” summarizes Site Director Antti Rinkinen.

Novelties from the new container packaging line will appear on store shelves midway through week 17. At the first production stage, the equipment will package pieces of SJØ hot smoked salmon fillet, cold-smoked salmon fillet, and cold-smoked rainbow trout fillet, each weighing approximately 250 g. The new equipment will also pack SJØ Sälä bits into containers. These products are the Escamar Seafood way of countering food wastage. The manufacturing of SJØ Sälä bits utilizes the by-product flow generated by the Kuopio production by recovering the bits left over and packing them in containers to make cooking easier for domestic cooks. It is thus easy for households to join the resistance against wastage by using SJØ Sälä bits in their favourite fish dishes.

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