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We know what an authentic feast of fish is like and we’re prepared to do our best to ensure that our competence and expertise comes across as something tasty at your dinner table. That’s why your feedback is important to us. We wish to make progress and push the whole industry forward while ensuring that you continue to get the best possible products for your meals.


tel. 010 406 6502 / Mon-Fri at 11-13

Calls to Elisa-offered service numbers cost 8.35 cents/call + 16.69 cents/minute (VAT 24%) for calls made from a domestic landline or mobile phone.

For calls from abroad, local operator's price list is applied.

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You can find other details, such as your billing information and our production contact details on the Escamar Seafood Oy home page at Escamar.fi/yhteystiedot.

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