Pretty good fish!Prepared on the shore of Kallavesi just for you from our hearts

The background of the SJØ product family involves Escamar Seafood Oy, which develops, prepares, refines and markets fish products meeting consumer needs and demands.

Our production method is based on ethicality and responsibility, as well as passion and uncompromising competence. Thus, we can guarantee fresh, sustainably produced, high-quality raw materials and end products. Prepared on the shore of Kallavesi just for you from our hearts.

A cross-border tribal fraternity – Fish is our common language

Escamar Seafood Oy is part of Insula AS, a Norwegian group with 22 production plants in the Nordic countries and a product selection of more than 1,000 different products. Together with our Norwegian tribal brothers we can offer Finns the amazing SJØ product family along with thorough knowledge about how to show respect for the excellent raw material through proper handling and preparation.

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